Kitchen Renovations: 5 Mistakes You’ll Regret

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Are you planning a kitchen remodel? Well, you better avoid these 5 mistakes.

1. DIY Complex Kitchen Renovations

It’s good to be cautious about the services and things you spend your money on. However, you shouldn’t feel about spending your money to hire a professional to do certain complicated tasks for you. In fact, you should never try to do such complex tasks yourself.

Fixing your drywall, for instance, should only be left to the pros. You should never assume that you can deliver the expected quality, especially if you’re a newbie. Another sensitive area is the backsplash. Since it involves installation of ceramic tiles, it’s quite a complicated task.

In some instances, even the pros still have a hard time delivering the expected quality. Your efforts will probably be a total failure in similar circumstances.

2. Cheap Appliances Are Costly In The Long Run

Data from the Department of Industry review shows that during the year 2013, the total amount of saved energy in Australia was A$ 3.2 billion. Out of the total figure, A$ 2.7 billion was saved by households. This is majorly attributed to quality appliances being used in households that consumed less energy. That shows just how much you can benefit from having good quality appliances.

In a scenario where you have a limited budget, you would rather postpone the renovation rather than settling for cheap, low-quality items. It may be cheap to buy such items, but the real cost comes in the form of higher energy bills.

Good quality items, not necessarily high-end super products, would ensure that you incur minimal costs in form of repairs. This isn’t the case with cheap products, since you might end up spending more than the actual cost of the product to fix it.

3. Not Installing A Skylight Where Possible

A skylight will ensure that you utilize as much natural light as possible. Failing to install one, where possible, means that you’ll miss out on the easiest way to cut down on unnecessary artificial lighting during the day.

At times, the windows may not provide sufficient light for your kitchen. This is especially so if there are other tall buildings close by. A skylight gives you direct access to the natural light source.

4. Not Setting A Budget

During renovations, you might get carried away and end up spending excessive amounts of money, especially if you’re a first-time homeowner. To avoid this, it’s important that you set a budget beforehand. This will ensure that your total renovation costs don’t exceed 5% of the total cost of your house (based on recommendations by Realestate).

5. Using Cheap Materials

Just like in the case of cheap appliances, cheap materials are also very costly in the long run. Using cheap materials means that your remodel will get worn out pretty fast, which would necessitate further repairs. This means that you’ll end up spending more than the intended amount.

Another disadvantage of using cheap materials is that your house will have a low valuation. It’s therefore very important not to settle for cheap materials – always aim for the best.


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